Midea M Thermal Mono-Bloc Heat Pump

suitable for refurbishment projects and new build installations

Midea Monobloc HeatPump

Discover Easy Comfort

M Thermal is an integrated system that provides space heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water, offering a complete, all-year-round solution which can remove the need for traditional gas or oil boilers, or work together with them.

A compact solution where a single unit is installed on the outside of the property, taking up no space inside and can be used alongside an existing heating solution. The heat pump is connected to the indoor heating system simply by laying two heat insulated pipes and the electric connection cables under the ground.

The Midea M Thermal Monobloc air-to-water heat pump systems are available in single phase capacities of 4 kW - 16 kW, or three phase capacities of 12 kW to 30 kW.

M thermal A Series have higher leaving water temperature in low ambient temperature. The water temperature is up to 60℃ at -15℃ ambient temperature. With the help of AHS or IBH, water temperature can reach 65℃ at -25℃

Perfect for small spaces

The Midea M Thermal Monobloc system is designed for installation in any type of property, especially homes with limited space. Being a compact system with a single unit installed outdoors means the available space indoors remains unchanged.

Easy to install

The monobloc system ensures all functions are achieved with a single outdoor unit, bringing significant cost savings. Furthermore, installation time is much shorter since practically no pipes are required, there are no cooling connections, and the product is pre-charged at the factory.

Heating and cooling in a single system all year round

By combining the Midea M Thermal Monobloc and the Cooling Kit, the accessory used to reverse heat pump operation ensures maximum comfort can be enjoyed all year round. The system therefore offers heating in winter and cooling in summer, all with straightforward installation.

Easy, smart control

The control with LCD screen can be used for daily and weekly programming, managing water production temperature, operating modes, etc.

Modern control

In-built smart controls put you in total control whether you are in your armchair, at work, or on the way to the airport


With the highest energy rating (A+++) available, you can be sure that your Heat Pump is working hard to minimise your energy bills.

M thermal Arctic Series offer heating capacity of 100% at -7°C thanks to the large heat exchanger and large compressor.


The Midea M Monobloc Unit produces 35D dB(A) sound pressure level at 3 meters

Midea Silent Chamber


Full service and maintenance packages include remote diagnostics to provide you with complete peace of mind.


The wired controller realizes intelligent control with a built-in WIFI module to receive control signal from the App. Thus the M thermal unit can be controlled through App and energy consumption can be displayed on the App. In addition, energy-saving suggestions can be displayed on App also.


  • Midea M Thermal has adopted for the energy certification to correspond with the market demand for each country.
  • It has been validated for its reliability and efficiency by acquiring these certifications under strict conditions.
  • CE Mark for M Thermal Split and Mono types
Midea Heat Pump ERP Certified

Its So So Quiet

Engineered to be no louder than 35db(A) at 3m, the Midea M Thermal range should never bother the neighbours!

Midea Heat Pump


It is a compact solution where a single unit is installed on the outside of the property, taking up no space inside

Monobloc air-to-water heat pump system

Domestic hot water as well as heating – ideal boiler replacement technology

Energy efficient

Screed drying function ideal for new builds

Easy-to-use wireless controller with one-touch holiday button and frost protection as standard.

Weather Compensation Control

Generate hot water up to 60°C

DHW Legionella Protection Program

Midea 10 Year Warranty

Nothing says you are confident in the quality of your heat pump, more than a 10 year warranty

Midea Incredible Value

Midea have come to the market with a single purpose of realising as much market share as possible. This is very evident in the incredibly low pricing available.

Midea On Board Internet

Internet connectivity as standard provides the means to monitor your heat pump, and your heating system from anywhere in the world, helping prevent you arriving to a cold home

Midea R32 Refrigerant

With a global warming potential of 675 (two-thirds less than R410a) R32 is better for the environment

Midea So So Quiet

Engineered to be no noisier than 35db(A) at 3m, the Midea M Thermal range need never bother your neighbours ever again.

Midea Super Efficient

503%* efficiency at a 35 degree flow temperature puts this heat pump in a class clearly of its own!

Discover Easy-Comfort with the Midea Monobloc Heat Pump

Midea Heat Pump
Midea Heat Pump

An Introduction to the Midea Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

Our Technical Manager Michael Geary gives a detailed introduction on our new Midea Monobloc Heat Pump and shows you what he likes about it.

Midea Heat Pump

Midea M Specifications

Model  Output Dimensions (mm) SCOPS Weight Refrigerant
                      -0.04 W D H 35°C 50°C
MHC-V4W/D2N8-B 5.1kW 1295 792 429 4.66 3.56 95 Kg R32
MHC-V6W/D2N8-B 5.7kW 1295 792 429 4.77 3.72 98 Kg R32
MHC-V8W/D2N8-B  7.25kW 1385 945 453 5.03 3.67 121 Kg R32
MHC-V10W/D2N8-B 8kW 1385 945 453 5.03 3.78 121 Kg R32
MHC-V12W/D2N8-B 11kW 1385 945 453 4.67 3.68 144 Kg R32
MHC-V14W/D2N8-B 14kW 1385 945 453 4.5 3.64 145 Kg R32
MHC-V16W/D2N8-B  16kW 1385 945 453 4.49 3.59 146 Kg R32

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Technical Sales Manager

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Technical Sales Representative

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