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It might not be possible to control weather conditions, however we can take control of the temperature indoors, and the effects from cold weather outdoors. With our complete range of heating and cooling systems, you benefit from flexible, quick and quality installations that ensure the interior conditions of homes, offices and large-scale facilities feel comfortable at all times.

  • Facilitate flawless execution for longevity and peace of mind

  • Rely on equal high quality throughout your project with one-stop-shop solutions for all in- and outdoor appliances

  • Increase buildings' economical and ecological attributes thanks to compatibility with sustainable heat sources

  • Experts on hand every step of the way for local service and advice

Experts on hand every step of the way

Pipelife Line Drawing II
Pipelife Line Drawing II



For decades we have manufactured market leading piping solutions to service quality and durable installations for plumbing, electrical, sanitary and hygienic applications within and around buildings.


Eco Heating Pipes

Eco Heating Cooling

Underfloor Heating

Building Ventilation

Air-to-water Heat Pumps

Frost Insulated

Low Temperature Radiators


Smart System Control

Heat Recovery Unit

Our Commitment

Pipelife is Irelands leading and trusted supplier to the plumbing industry for the last 50 years and with the financial strength of being part of a leading multi-national group you can be sure that your Pipelife system will be fully supported. As an added re-assurance for our customers, Pipelife accepts full responsibility for the design of your system along with the specification, and supply of materials.

We also carry full design indemnity and product liability insurance to cover all designs thus giving our customers peace of mind that when they choose Pipelife they choose quality products, reliable systems and an after sales commitment that other operators cannot compete with.

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Home Heating Solutions


Support & Design

Questions? Ask our experts for heating solutions!

Technical Sales Manager

Michael Geary

Technical Sales Manager

Design Engineer

Neil Nagle

Senior Design Engineers

Technical Sales Representative

Joe Redmond

Technical Sales Representative

Technical Sales Representative

Glenn Kenneally

Technical Sales Representative

Introducing Piplife Eco

Pipelife has recently launched a new Home Heating Solutions website that outlines all the different heating options available to heat a home within the market place. The website explains in detailed 3D videos the different types of heating systems in the simplest way possible so homeowners can make the most informed decision about the type of system that will work best for their needs.

The purpose of the website is to give homeowners but also installers a point of reference that they can send their customers to, to learn about the different heating systems available, the pitfalls to watch out for, the quality of all the components used in your heating solution is critical to its long successful operation and the recommended system the Pipelife would recommend. This is all done in an informative but very easy to follow and understand videos. 

Pipeliffe Eco

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