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Low Temperature Radiators

What are they and how do they work?

Designed for low water temperature operation - these new Low Temperature radiators are ideal for use with heat pump technology and can be used alongside underfloor heating in a split system.

The low water temperature means increased efficiencies, reduced heat pump operation, rapid heat up times, and less water volume, ensuring your room heats up and stays warm longer! The innovative aesthetic shape of the radiator arises from the need of improving hot air flow, in order to increase thermal efficiency.

The new curved front baffles make an easier release of hot air from the three windows and facilitate their transition into the hottest part of the radiator.

  • The rounded profile on the top, with two openings, gives a modern and captivating style to the radiator and maximizes the heat exchange;
  • Ideal for low-temperature heating systems;
  • Excellent weight/power ratio, which facilitates transport, handling and installation;
  • Unalterable over time thanks to its double coating: anaphoresis and powder coating;
  • Openings at the rear of the radiator to increase convective heat exchange;
  • Modular: perfect for any space;
  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar;
  • Pressure test (undergone by 100% of manufactured products): 24 bar;
  • Bursting pressure: 60 bar;
  • Low water content, greater heat exchange, low thermal inertia = outstanding performances, low power consumption;
  • 10-years warranty.


Low Temperature Radiator

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Pipelife Line Drawing II
Pipelife Line Drawing II

Technical Information

Model Depth Height Centre Distance Length Connection Diameters Water Capacity Heat Output ΔT 50K Heat Output ΔT 30K Exponent Coefficient
  (C ) mm (B) mm (A) mm (D) mm Inches litres W/Sect W/Set    
350/100 97 407 350 80 G1 0,20 89,9 47,2 1,2598 0,6506
500/100 97 557 500 80 G2 0,24 59,9 59,9 1,2768 0,7789
600/100 97 657 600 80 G3 0,27 132,2 68,9 1,2763 0,8973
700/100 97 757 700 80 G4 0,39 149,5 77,7 1,2819 0,9928
800/100 97 857 800 80 G5 0,42 165,0 85,1 1,2962 1,0360

STANDARD SUPPLY: Available from 3 to 10 sections for centre distance 800 – from 3 to 12 sections for centre distance 700 - from 3 to 14 sections for centre distance 350-500-600.

COLOUR: Ral 9010 White

Maximum working pressure: 1600 kPa (16 bar). Characteristic equation of the model Ф=Кm ΔТn. The thermal efficiency values shown comply with the European Standard EN 442-1:2014 and are certified by the MRT Lab of the Milan. Polytechnic, notified body no. 1695.



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