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Qual-Pex Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' Eco Pipe

Pipelife Ireland's Qual-Pex Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' ECO Pipe range consists of two innovative products to meet future building regulations to be used inside and outside the home. The products consist of Pre-Insulated Qual-PEX Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' Pipe encapsulated in high performance insulation.

The Qual-PEX Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' ECO-Duo insulation consists of micro-cellular cross-linked polyethylene foam with a closed cellular structure, permitting low water vapor diffusion with good insulation resistance to extreme temperatures. This type of insulation maintains its high insulation properties over time due to the superior characteristics of the cross linked PE foam, compared with other insulation materials. Its unique moving layers design allows maximum flexibility and very easy installation.

The Qual-PEX Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' ECO is insulated with a high quality CFC-free and HCFC-free, flexible closed cell polyethylene pipe insulation offering high quality and low thermal conductivity. It is highly effective in energy conservation and frost protection. It is non fibrous and creates no dust during installation or use. It has a durable PE-film covering allowing maximum protection against water penetration and maximum bonding with concrete. It is also designed to give mechanical protection for in-wall cavity pipelines, which includes resistance to building materials and has pleasing coating for exposed areas.

These products deliver industrial leading thermal insulation properties using Ireland's leading plumbing and heating pipe.


The Range


Qual-Pex Plus+ Qual-Pex Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' Multilayer Pipe

Our Qual-Pex Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' Multilayer Pipe is extremely flexible, with exceptional lay-flat capability, enabling faster, easier and more cost-effective installations. This pipe has been designed to provide the plumbing professional with a 'universal alternative' to the various other piping products on the market, and it will prove to be a more effective plumbing solution, for many applications where aluminium or copper pipe might otherwise be considered.

Qual-Pex Eco Pipe - Tan and White

Qual-PEX Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' Eco

Our Qual-PEX Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' ECO is the next generation plumbing & heating pipe developed for hot/cold water service conditions. It is insulated with a high quality CFC-free and HCFC-free, blue flexible closed cell polyethylene pipe insulation. It has been designed to save time, money and energy costs and will improve the energy rating (BER) of any building.

Eco Duo Tan II

Qual-PEX Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' Eco Duo

Our Qual-Pex Plus+ 'Easy-Lay" ECO DUO has been designed to simplify and speed up installation by utilising standard Irish size fittings and pipe and to greatly enhance energy conservation. Two pre-insulated, 1” Qual-PEX Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' pipes encapsulated in 125mm of high performance insulation protected within a corrugated PE-HD twin wall outer casing for maximum protection.

Why Choose Pipelife?

Customer Service -

When you choose Pipelife, you have the support of our experienced customer service team, as well as backup provided by our specialist service engineers. 

Full Design Service -

Our in-house engineers can provide detailed plans for the application of renewable technologies specific to an individual projects from domestic to commercial. 

Your One Stop Shop -

We believe in providing our customers with a one-stop-shop for complete package solutions; from market-leading products, free initial advice, through to bespoke design, installation, final commissioning and technical support.


Pipelife guarantees the pipe for 50 years, which is vital when the pipe is being buried within the floor structure for the lifetime of the building.


Our full product range can be found in all leading merchants throughout Ireland.


Leading manufacturer & provider of plastic piping systems for hot and cold water distribution services, as well as for central heating and underfloor heating systems. 

Wondering how sustainable plastic pipes are?

Plastic has a bad reputation these days. However, the use of plastic for plumbing installations in and around buildings can be very beneficial not just for the user, but also for the environment, especially when compared to other materials.

Lower carbon footprint throughout life cycle

Compared to metal pipes, plastic pipes are a preferred alternative when considering the products’ energy consumption and carbon footprint, from manufacturing to installation and beyond. When thinking about environmental implications, consideration needs to go further than CO2 emissions from production. We need to include all phases of the lifecycle.

100-year service life

Plastic piping systems are a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice, especially when considering their extremely long service life. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, excellent joint performance and tightness, many plastic pipes have an estimated service life of at least 100 years. 

100% Recyclable

Our plastic pipes are 100% recyclable, and some can even be recycled several times, re-entering the manufacturing process as quality assured recycled plastic. Every year, we increase the ratio of recycled plastics within our production lines, while ensuring the high product quality our clients are used to receiving from us.

Choose safe and certified water pipes

National and international production and material standards ensure that you can rely on a clearly defined level of hygienic safety and product quality. A professional plumber or plumbing company will always make sure to exclusively use certified products. Pipelife plumbing systems such as our Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’, PVC, PP and PE pipes, all comply with strict national and international quality standards, providing a hygienically safe distribution of domestic and heating water.  

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Get the PLUS+ Advantage with Pipelife

As the Pipe manufacturer, Pipelife guarantees the pipe for 50 years, which is vital when the pipe is being buried within the floor structure for the lifetime of the building. Pipelife Ireland is also a proud Member of Guaranteed Irish. The Guaranteed Irish symbol is awarded to companies which create "quality" jobs, contribute to local communities and are "committed to Irish provenance". All our pipe is 100% Irish made and is manufactured to the most stringent standards allowing you to install with confidence. Plus with every purchase of pipe you're supporting Irish jobs.

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Pipelife Line Drawing II
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