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Our PVC-UE Cladding Systems are suitable for external use on buildings as a decorative and protective facing, fixed vertically, horizontally or diagonally over both brick, block, masonry and timber framed walling. When installed correctly this will reduce thermal loss by providing an additional external barrier.

Available in two designs (Shiplap and Open Vee) resembling existing timber profiles. The weather tight joint provided prevents penetration from the elements.

The systems are completed with a range of trims to suit all applications.

The tough and durable finish has a high impact strength and a weather resistant skin which requires little maintenance to retain its excellent appearance.

PVC Cladding Systems has been assessed and given an A+ rating, which allows the specifier/housebuilder to claim the code for sustainable homes maximum of three points when using PVC cladding on an external wall system.

Features and Guarantee

  • Maintenance - Will not rot, warp, crack or erode. They do not require painting or any other protective treatment. To restore to an ‘as new’ surface appearance, occasional washing with a non-scratch mild detergent and water will remove surface grime particularly in polluted atmosphere.
  • Weather resistance - The impermeable outer skin and closed-cell composition of the boards are unaffected by moisture and will not rot or corrode.
  • Durability - he combined cellular core and Co-extruded PVC-U surface skin ensure high durability in all conditions.
  • Thermal efficiency - Good insulating properties, improves overall thermal insulation of composite wall construction.
  • Compatibility - No chemical reaction with other common building materials.
  • Workable - Cutting, drilling, nailing and shaping are easily achieved.
  • Finish - High gloss finish with blemish free surface.
  • Guarantee - Pipelife Co-extruded White Cellular and Woodgrain PVC-UE boards come with a 20 year product guarantee for white roofline and a 10 year product guarantee for laminate roofline in respect of performance and significant discolouration. The guarantee is subject to registration of the installation. Full details of the guarantee are available upon request.

Behaviour in relation to fire:


  • Boards - The cellular boards achieve a Class 2Y surface spread- of-flame rating when tested in accordance with BS 476-7.
  • Hollow Soffit - The hollow soffits achieve a Class 1Y surface-spread-of-flame rating when tested in accordance with BS 476-7.
  • Foiled Products - The Renolit foil applied to Pipelife’s cladding, boards or hollow soffit systems has been tested and achieved the following fire rating: When tested in accordance with DIN4012-B2 and DIN EN ISO13501-1, the requirements according to RAL- GZ716/1 Section I Part 7 are fully met.
  • General - On exposure to fire, PVC-U tends to char and may fall away. The spread of flame along its surface is limited. It is unlikely that the roof trim system will significantly affect the overall fire performance of any roof in which it is installed.

Where it is normal practice to carry the eaves box over, between dwellings, it is important that the box is fire-stopped at compartment walls with a proprietary fire stop material.


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Stainless Steel Pins/Nails are available with Coloured Heads to suit customer requirements.


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