Land Drainage Pipe

Light, sturdy, flexible, resistant and easy to connect - this is how to best describes our drainage pipes. They are available in different diameters, with or without perforation and a wide range of filter socks or sleeves.

Land Drainage Pipe

Perforated land drainage is designed to collect surface water by allowing it to seep through the small holes cut in the dwells of the coil and then allowing it to flow to its destination such as a Stormwater Attenuation Tank (Soakaway), or into a water course, such as a stream, lake or river. Perforated land drainage systems can be used in many applications such as agriculture to assist draining fields, construction to help relieve flooding and relieve static underground loads and retaining walls. It is also useful in sports fields, lawn or garden drainage and can also feature in French drains to improve drainage.

System Features - 


  • High compression strength when tested according to BS EN 50086-2-4: 1994 and App. 3/4: F.D.S.A.7.
  • Highly flexible when laying and impervious to all types of soil.
  • Pipelife Land Drain Pipe has more than double the flexural strength and flexural modulus of polyethylene pipe when testes according to I.S. EN ISO 178:2010.
  • Up to 19% greater Flow rate compared to similar polyethylene land drain pipe.
  • It is a single wall, corrugated pipe intended for fast and easy installation with excellent flow rates.
  • The pipe has a flexible coiled corrugated structure for extra strength and has a 90-degree bend radius over 1metre.
  • Perforated pipe is particularly beneficial in areas with heavy condition such as clay.
  • It has been designed to suit Irish climatic conditions and conforms to Department of Agriculture Specifications (F.D.S.A.7).


Land Drainage Pipe


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