Calculation Tools

Colebrook-White Tool

Tool for hydraulic calculation of flow rate, diameter and velocity for sewer pipes completely filled profile.

Recommended for sewers for Stormwater.

Colebrook-White Tool PF

Tool for hydraulic calculation of flow rate, diameter and velocity for sewer pipes partially filled profile.

Recommended for sewer pipes for municipal and industrial water.

Chemical Resistance Tool

Chemical resistance of plastic pipes produced in Pipelife!

The tool indicates the resistance of different pipes as material-PVC, PE, PP and at various concentrations and temperatures of the different chemicals and acids.

Static calculation for installed sewage pipes

Wall Thickness Calculator

Calculator for dimensioning the thickness of pressure pipes made from PVC. Requires outer diameter and pressure rating for corresponding pipe.

New Calculation Tools

We are always developing new tools to quicken the selection process; an integral part of the design of these new tools is the input from the end user. YOU. Currently we are working on a tool that will produce a list of materials + quotation for an Elite Plumbing System based on entering room dimensions and manifold distance. If you have any ideas please contact us. All ideas welcome.

Please note that these programs are supplements to Pipelife's different design brochures. The user is expected to have an understanding of the equations and principles involved in applicability and limitations. Use of these programs is not intended to replace the evaluation and judgment of a professional engineer competent in this field. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, its accuracy is not guaranteed. All tables, statements, and results may be considered as recommendations only. Recommendations arising from use of this program are not applicable to products manufactured by others.

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