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PipeLife Specialist Products

The Pipelife Group, is Europe's leading producer of plastic pipe systems. Employing almost 3,000 people in 29 manufacturing facilities in 28 countries Pipelife has grown to become a key supplier of innovative products in the plumbing, water, gas energy & power distribution, telecommunications, and industrial applications sector. This gives Pipelife Ireland the unique ability to supply our custmers with a huge selection of specific products from our 29 partner companies. An example of which is shown below.


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SoluForce RTP Pipes

Pipelife is the technological leader for the production of RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) pipe systems for use in oil flow lines, water injection and gas transport. MORE

LLLD Pipes

Pipelife is the only company in the world with the capability to deliver long lenght large diameter HDPE pipes up to 2.000mm in diameter, which are continuously extruded in lengths up to 550 meter. MORE


Eco Systems

Eco Pipelife’s business activities focus on the development, manufacture and distribution of high- value recycling solutions for the protection and flow of water and energy. MORE
Raineo - Rainwater management system by Pipelife

Raineo - Floods Become Fiction

Pipelife introduces Raineo®: the rainwater management system

Due to global climate changes we experience excessive rain, long periods of drought, heat and flash flooding. The direct consequences of flash floods and the lack of water management solutions are erosion, water pollution and even higher taxes. With the patented Raineo® solution of which Pipelife is now proud to offer, we will be able to capture, retain and reuse water effectively.


Raineo® prevents flood and water pollution but also can function as water storage. The stored, reusable water can then be used for sanitary purposes or irrigation. Whatever way it is applied, Raineo® takes care of this valuable resource for decades.

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Raineo®: from now on flood is a choice, not a natural phenomenon!

Pipelife Ireland works with a number of suppliers to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions at a very competitive price. We can supply any of the products produced by the following suppliers.


Emmeti was founded in 1976 and has grown steadily since, now providing an extensive range of heating systems and air conditioning units. Pipelife can supply any Emmeti product.

Heatmiser company logo
Heatmiser supply a range of heating control that allow the user to have varing levels of control from Touch Screen Thermostats to the Heatmiser NetMonitor - A self contained unit allowing you to control your heating from any web browser. Simply plug the NetMonitor into your router and take complete control! MORE
Since the foundation in 1994 until today Capricorn have maintained an active pace of development in materials used and product manufactured. High quality, innovation, reliability and an efficient distribution system is the standard that Capricorn provides Quality Plastics. MORE