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Qual-Pex Eco Underfloor Heating

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Qualpex Underfloor Heating systems are a complete heating solution for every home. Underfloor heating is efficient, comfortable and virtually maintenance-free. It operates at low floor temperatures and still creates a constant warm temperature level. Choosing Pipelife Qual-Pex Underfloor Heating means choosing 20+years of Experience, Fast installation and unrivalled irish Quality.

Conventional heating systems, using convector radiators, provide warmth within a space or building by heating the air in the room. By comparison, Underfloor Heating transfers heat from a very large surface area, which is only slightly warmer than the room. The floor to ceiling temperature and humidity levels remain more constant producing a more comfortable environment for occupants. Also the heated floor will not cause convection drafts or circulation of dust within the room.

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Pipelife Ireland - Qualpex Underfloor Heating in Living room

Underfloor Heating - How it works

The floor surface temperature required is very close to the actual room temperature and always below 29ºC in occupied areas to achieve an acceptable degree of comfort. It is essential however, that floor coverings do not provide too great a degree of insulation. Otherwise the heat in the Heating system may not be able to raise the room temperature to its design level.

The basic operation of a water-based underfloor heating system is pipe embedded within a concrete screed, with warm water circulating through the pipe work allowing for the gradual heating of the screed and eventual emitting of heat from the floor into the room. The heat is concentrated where it is most needed for human comfort and energy efficiency.

It is quite common to have a mixed system in one building where underfloor heating is used throughout the ground floor and radiators are used in the upper floors / bedroom areas, where only sporadic heat is required. Both systems can be operated off one boiler, but will need different time controls due to the different response times. The only exception to this is where Underfloor Heating is required for a single room. In this case Pipelife have a special pump / control unit available which allows a single underfloor heating circuit to be connected to a radiator heating system.

Did you know?

Pipelife Heat Pump technology is the ideal heat source for underfloor heating due to the low operating temperature required. The design engineers at Pipelife can design a heating system that combines both Heat Pump technology and underfloor heating making the system 100% Irish.

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Pipelife: Unrivalled Service and Experience

We have a proven track record of over 20 years service and commitment to the industry backed by exceptionally trained staff and a dedicated technical backup service. We cover every aspect of underfloor heating and integrated renewables and deliver a fully designed, energy efficient systems to a range of Installers, Developers, builders, Engineers & Architects.

What we offer you

  • Bespoke Systems
  • Integrated Systems
  • Standalone Systems
  • Technical Know How
  • 20+ years Experience
  • Unrivalled Experience
  • Backup Service
  • Irish Company
  • Latest Technology
  • In-House Special Design Software
  • Commtment to you
  • Peace of Mind

Whether you're building a new house, adding an extension or renovating your home, we can help you find the right system for your project. Our solutions are built to work efficiently with a range of floor coverings, from solid wood to tile and many more. They are ideal for large open plan living spaces and small en-suites alike.

Our Underfloor Heating Department have been working hard implementing constructive changes and have come up with a new combination of materials and controls which will provide a reliable and cost effective control at a very competitive price.

Did you know?

Underfloor Heating is not only suitable for domestic projects. It is also an economical choice for businesses. See our case studies to learn more about the possibilities of Underfloor Heating!

Case Studies

Pipelife: Your Reliable Partner for Underfloor Heating

At Pipelife, our Heating Engineers design a system to meet the client's requirements by working in conjunction with them. By entering in the key factors to a specialist software package, we can determine the heat requirement for each room and zone to produce optimum comfort levels.

Our Design Engineers produce a pipe layout drawing for every individual project showing the configuration of each of the loops and the position of the manifold. A full design specification is produced detailing the design criteria and guidelines from the initial process of installing the pipe to the commissioning of the system and controls layout. This design is always project specific and each design is tailored to suit the client's requirements.


Qual-Pex Underfloor Heating Technical Drawing by Pipelife Ireland

To obtain a quotation simply forward a good quality set of drawings to Pipelife, either directly by email or via a plumbing contractor or Qual-PEX stockist.
For experienced Heating installers who take full responsibility for their own designs Pipelife offers a simple quotation and component supply service. This option includes the following:

  • Electrical Specification and layout
  • Zone cutting list and pipe spacing measurements
  • Free after sales technical backup phone service (Technical call outs available at extra cost)
  • 50 year warranty on Qual-PEX pipe and 1 year manufacturer's warranty for ancillary components.

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Did you know?

Pipelife accepts full responsibility for the design of the system and the specification and supply of meterials. As an added re-assurance for the customer, Pipelife carries professional indemnity insurance to cover all designs.

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