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Qual-Pex Plumbing & Heating Barrier Pipe

Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe is available in a variety of coil lengths and straight lengths. It is manufactured in 1/2", 3/4" & 1" and is BSI Kitemark approved.

Qual-PEX is suitable for use in hot and cold water distribution systems, underfloor heating systems and central heating systems that are operated continuously at temperatures up to 92°C at 3 bar pressure. Short-term overload temperatures up to 114°C are permissible. For cold water systems Qual-PEX is suitable for use up to 12 bar pressure. For hot water systems Qual-PEX is suitable for use up to 6 bar pressure.


Qual-PEX is a cross-linked high density polyethylene. Cross-linking is a widely employed method of forging permanent links between polymer chains to form an interwoven three dimensional lattice within the pipe wall. This greatly reduces the ability of polymer to creep with time and allows the burst resistance of Qual-PEX to be maintained almost indefinitely at high temperatures. The cross linking process is irreversible and is not lessened by continuous exposure to hot water.


  • The ONLY IRISH MADE plumbing & heating pipe on the market with over 40 years manufacturing experience
  • Employing over 60 Irish jobs in our manufacturing facility in Cork
  • The first PEX pipe in the world to gain BS7291 certification in the UK.
  • The only PEX pipe Certified for use with Tectite and Qual-FIT Push Fit Systems.
  • Exporting PEX pipe to more than 30 countries worldwide. A truly Irish success story.


For more detail, please see additional information or contact your local merchant.


Qual-Pex Pipe in Pipe

•   Our Pipe in Pipe range comes pre-installed with conduit
•   Simply uncoil, cut and install- No messy installation of the pipe in the conduit
•   Saves you time, money and an environment where the chance of leaks are all but eliminated

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