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Tectite - The Push-Fit Jointing System

Tectite wont let you down!

Tectite Push-fit fittings are manufactured from DZR copper alloy material, and are fully compatible with the requirements of WRAS certification.
They are rated for 16 bar at ambient temperature and capable of operating between –24°C and 95°C. They will be drawn from the Tectite Classic range from Pegler Yorkshire Limited.

Plastic pipes shall be cross linked high density polyethylene with an ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) oxygen barrier, and will conform to BS 7291 Parts 1 & 3. Copper tube should be to BS EN 1057 R250, be WRAS listed, and be drawn from the Yorkex range
manufactured by Yorkshire Copper Tube Limited.

The System, when constructed exclusively from Tectite Classic, Tectite-PEX / Qual-PEX and Yorkex components, will be suitable for use on hot and cold water, heating, and will have a manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 years against all manufacturing defects.

Key Advantages of Tectite Fittings

Tectite fittings simply push together in seconds to create a perfect joint. No blow torches, no solder, no heavy or expensive tools.

Choose Tectite and you avoid the need to purchase and store gases, adhesives, fluxes, solders or any other materials or equipment.

  • Irish Size Brass Push-Fit Fittings
  • Push-fit installation: Saves on time & money
  • Easy to de-mount
  • Easy application in hard to reach places.
  • IAB Approved
  • Unique IAB system certified with Qual-PEX
  • 50 year Guarantee
  • Easy installation

Use Cases for Tectite Fittings

  • Mains feed
  • Pressurised plumbing systems
  • Open vented systems
  • Sealed Heating Systems
  • Hot & cold water systems

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Michael Geary

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Glenn Kennealy

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Kevin Corcoran

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Additional Information

Qual-Pex Tectite Elbow Fitting
50 years guarantee