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Ger-Pex - Quality & Reliability at the press of a button

It’s time you improve your profits with our Ger-Pex Press fittings.

Ger-Pex Press fittings allow fast, safe and efficient joints to be made, relying on pressure from a press tool to achieve a sound joint without the need for solder, flux or any other jointing materials. With the press of a button you can now create high quality joints in a fraction of the time needed for soldering or brazing. Quality has become quicker.

The correct specification and installation of Press fitting jointing methods will enable professional installers to offer their customers all the peace-of-mind and proven benefits of copper in a fit-and-forget resilient piping system that gives excellent protection against contaminants that threaten the water supply.

By installing press fittings a completely heat-free piping installation can be achieved. This is done without the use of any potential contaminants such as flux and steel wool. Furthermore, the use of heat-free jointing removes the necessity of applying for hot-work permits and the danger of flame damage during refurbishment projects. The only jointing tool required is the press fitting clamp, so therein no need to purchase and store fuel gases, adhesives, fluxes, solders or any other jointing materials.


Key Advantages

  • A range of WRAS approved, brass bodied, press fitting designed to be installed with the use of electric or manual pressing devices. Once pressed, the fitting produces a joint with maximum stability and duration.
  • Our Ger-Pex Press Fittings have been developed to be used with Multi-Layer Composite Pipe as a clean, simple and more efficient alternative to traditional jointing methods such as soldered copper and threaded stainless fittings. With a definite press of each fitting the system will also give more confidence to the installer, developer and end user than push fittings.
  • The brass bodied fittings with double o-ring technology and combined sight hole, dialectric ring and jawalignment collar help to ensure that the pipe is fully inserted and pressed correctly, every time.
  • Heat free, worry free. Ger-Pex is heat free, requiring no soldering. The possibility of flame damage and related insurance costs is eliminated
  • Less hassle, less time. The Ger-Pex streamlined joining method reduces time spent on site. The fast, easy process bypasses the need for extensive pipe preparation and time-consuming material use.
  • Fewer accessories. Not only does Ger-Pex save you time, it also saves you from purchasing, storing and carrying accessory materials. Gases, fluxes, solders, adhesives, threading machines and other materials and equipment are a thing of the past. With Ger-Pex Press fittings, you need only your press tool and jaws.
  • No mess, no waiting. The Press joining process is intrinsically clean. No extra cleanup is needed once the job is done. There is never a chance for adhesive, flux or solder to contaminate the bore.
  • Optimal performance. Like all Pipelife products, our press fittings are designed and manufactured to the highest quality possible. Our Ger-Pex Press fittings go above and beyond to meet the latest industry standards.

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