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Cable Protection: Red ESB Ducting/Fittings

Pipelife Ireland Ltd manufactures Red ESB Ducting combined with its range of fittings provides a robust, corrosion-free product which combines reliability with low installation costs. It is used extensively throughout Ireland for ESB installations. The ducting is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene and approved to ESB Specification No. 16113.

The flexibility of polyethylene ducting and its availability in long coiled lengths in a range of sizes from 50mm to 200mm renders it an ideal material for lining older damaged lines.


              Red Electrical Ducting


Wall Thickness

    Coil     Pipe 
                  O/D mm      Min. - Max.   Length  Length 
                      50   3.8  -  4.3     100      6
                     110   6.3  -  7.0     100      9
                     125   7.1  -  7.9     100      9
                     160   9.1  -  9.9     100      9
                     200 11.9  -  13.2       -      9


             Sizes 110mm - 160mm available to special order.


                       ESB Fittings
                            50mm RED ESB Hocky Stick
                    50mm RED ESB Double Socket Couplers
                     110mm Red ESB Double Ring Couplers
                     125mm Red ESB Double Ring Couplers
                     160mm Red ESB Double Ring Couplers
                     200mm Red ESB Double Ring Couplers

Pipelife also produces Polyethlene pipes for both gas and water pressure.


For more detail, please see additional information or contact your local merchant.

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