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Corporate Research and Development

Pipelife’s Corporate R&D is closely integrated in Pipelife’s Marketing & Innovation Team to ensure the needs of tomorrow:

  • very quick response time
  • new products really needed
  • a fast time to market


Therefore we have motivated project teams who are executing the projects from idea to the first sales and - if necessary - far behind. Project Managers/ Leaders guide the projects in close relations with their sponsors, principals, management teams and Product Managers and have their skills in the following areas:

  • Product developments in new business areas
  • Pipe developments in combination with extrusion processes
  • Fittings, seals and accessories in combination with injection moulding
  • Material development, compounding and performance
  • Standardisation items

Cooperation with customers, testing and certifications by external laboratories are of major importantance in Pipelife’s design world, but we also have great design tools available and a well equipped laboratory and testing department.


Tools we use today are:


  • Autocad for 2D and 3D drawings
  • Solidworks for advanced 3D drawings and visualisations
  • 3D printers for rapidly prototype, our most complicated designs
  • Abaqus for calculating strength, stiffness and to predict failure dangers
  • A fully equipped workshop, in which first prototypes see their first daylight

Our laboratory can test pipes, fittings and accessories in almost all dimensions.

Key test are:


  • Lifetime prediction measurements at elevated temperatures
  • Long term creep tests
  • Tightness fatigue testing
  • Impact, strength and stiffness testing
  • Material analyses testing with DSC, Infrared, Microscopy, etc.

For more detailed information, please contact us.