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Latest Innovations of the Pipelife Group

Pipelife Ireland Ltd along with the Pipelife Group are constantly developing its products. Below you can find some of its latest product developments.

Qual-Pex Eco by Pipelife Ireland
Qualpex Eco Duo - Insulated heating pipe by Pipelife Ireland

Qual-Pex Eco Duo


Pre-Insulated and Pre-Ducted, 1” Qual-PEX Pipe
Simplifies & Speeds up installation.
For local and district heating.
50 Year Guarantee
No need for expensive adaptors
Energy Conservation = reduces energy costs
High thermal Insulation properties
Insulation: superior crosslinked PE foam
WRAS approved, BS7291 Class S
IAB Certified
Red and blue Qual-Pex insulated duo pipes

Qaul Pex Eco-PEX

Pre-Insulated Pipe
Save time, money and energy costs.
Improve the BER of any building
Use: Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications
50 Year Guarantee
Low thermal Conductivity
Frost protection
Allows max bonding with concrete
Minimum water penetration
9mm thick
BS7291 Class S
IAB Certified

Universal Access Junction System

1 Access Junction = 16+Connection Possibilities

A Multi-Purpose Access Junction base with options to suit every requirement.

Quick and easy installation.

Robust but light base for ease of use.

Single level flow system designed to minimise the risk of drainage blockage.

Blanking Plugs supplied for different option system flow profiles.

Access Junctions are a proven product allowing access for inspection or rodding in sewer pipe runs.

For 110mm (4") pipe, Material: Brown PVC-u.

Weight: 4kg approx.

AJ Cover and Frame also available (sold separately).

All parts manufactured and tested to EN-13598 requirements.

50 years guarantee