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Pipelife Group Synergy

In 2007, the firm joined the Pipelife group. "Quality Plastics is proving to be a perfect complement for the Group. We are very proud to be part of the Pipelife team. It is a great company and there is an open atmosphere of cooperation. Business development is flourishing. We have been able to purchase more products from Pipelife companies and also sell more products to Pipelife companies. I firmly believe that this development will increase our opportunities in the future, as we extend our product ranges."

"Our manufacturing footprint in Ireland is very strong. Being at the forefront of production technology has enabled us to compete successfully in a very competitive market. In the present difficult market environment, further investments will improve the productivity and efficiency of the plants. Moreover, our presence in the UK (Qual-PLUMB UK now Pipelife UK) with a dedicated sales force served by our Distribution Centre in the town of Corby puts the Group at the heart of an effective customer network."