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Pipelife International: Leadership Principles


  • We create an atmosphere of optimism, enthusiasm and opportunities
  • We encourage creativity, innovation and initiative
  • We establish an ambience of trust and openness
  • We are visionary with our goals, open to challenges and supportive of change


  • We identify with the Pipelife Mission, Vision and Value statements
  • We agree on and communicate clear targets
  • We direct our actions towards the achievement of local and group objectives
  • We set examples with our behavior and encourage our people to follow our Code of Conduct
  • We give the best of ourselves and energize others


  • We coach, support and develop our teams
  • We delegate authority and responsibility
  • We listen actively and communicate openly
  • We make resources and necessary tools available
  • We appreciate, reward and stand by our people


  • We ensure efficient processes
  • We focus on our targets and work according to priorities
  • We steer, correct and achieve
  • We ask for and give feedback, learn from our mistakes and continuously improve