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The Aircycle 1.3 range operates by efficiently recovering heat from the air extracted from wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen etc.) that would normally be expelled to the atmosphere. This heat is then transferred to the fresh air being drawn into the system, which is then filtered and distributed throughout the habitable rooms (living room, bedroom etc.). The aircycle 1.3 range can significantly reduce the space heating demand of a property whilst also delivering a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for the occupier.

Core Features

  • Up to 92% heat recovery efficiency
  • Down to 0.42 W/I/s specific fan power
  • 4 Airflow modes (100% variable) Night, General, Boost, Purge
  • Programmable 25%+ boost setting
  • Remote digital control
  • Status & airflow mode Indication
  • Filter maintenance alert
  • Fault alert
  • Hours run meter
  • 230V Auto-boost compatible
  • Integral humidistat
  • Automated frost protection
  • Automatic Summer bypass, 100% filtered
  • Variable Boost over-run timer
Aircycle House

Versatile installation options for a quick and easy fit.


Three different mounting types to suit your project requirements. One performance standard. Zero compromise.

Unlike competitor products, the intelligent design of the aircycle 1.3 range allows it to be supplied in wall, floor or ceiling mount while retaining the same high efficiency, low specific fan power and airflow performance.

PLUG & PLAY Electrical connections

Aircycle 1.3 systems come complete with a flying lead for power and boost functions, a CAT6 digital control cable with an (R) J45 connection already installed, and Molex connected fans and sensors reference future maintenance. True plug and play, saving time and mitigating errors on site.

Remote Digital Control

Enhanced controllability packaged in a user friendly interface allows for bespoke commissioning to suit each project, while giving the end user the flexibility to adjust settings based on their individual needs (within commissioned parameters). Its remote design allows it to be mounted in a visible location to aid interaction and inform the user.

Quiet by Design

Streamlined airflow path design coupled with custom engineered fan scrolls help to ensure low internal air turbulence and guaranteed balanced fan operation, greatly minimising occurrences of in-duct noise transference. A high density, expanded polypropylene casing further succeeds in limiting any potential break-out noise from the fan operation.

Control Indication

The digital control indicates to the occupant that the system is operating correctly, if a fault has occurred, if maintenance is required, and which mode it is in. This can be mounted in a visible location to the occupant to aid interaction; one of the key requirements of TGD F 2019.

+25% Airflow Setting

TGD F 2019 requires an MVHR system to be able to provide 25% over the calculated general (trickle) ventilation rate. The aircycle 1.3’s digital control allows for a 3rd speed (in addition to general and boost) to be set precisely to this +25% rate.

Air Quality Control

TGD F & L 2019 aims to minimise uncontrollable infiltration by means of increasing air-tightness while supplying sufficient, purpose-provided ventilation. This means ultimate reliance on the MVHR system to be capable of managing occupier comfort. The aircycle 1.3 automatically works for the occupier in each season, recovering heat in the winter months, bypassing heat in the summer, and the ability to further help control summertime over-heating by activating a temperature sensitive airflow setting. 

AirCycle 1.3 Digital Range II
Aircycle 1.3 cutaway

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