PVC Underground Drainage Systems

Our Underground Drainage system provides an efficient means of waste water drainage and foul discharge from above ground drainage systems. The range includes a variety of gullies and traps to suit most installations and integrate with Pipelife’s above and below ground drainage systems. Manufactured in PVC-U to give a strong and durable product, lightweight and easy to work with. The system is suitable for high temperature waste discharge.

Environmentally sound, long lasting and leak tight wastewater systems are crucial for healthy communities and a safe environment. Certified to national as well as international safety and quality standards, our wastewater solutions are easy and quick to install, last for decades and need comparably little maintenance. 

Leak-tight and durable sewage pipe systems are crucial for a safe environment and healthy communities. Pipelife Ireland supplies a range of 110mm, 160mm, 244mm and 315mm Pipe and Underground sewer fittings. We can also offer a range of inspection chambers.

Pipelife Sewer pipe is manufactured to a range of standards including EN 13476  and EN 1401 on request. 

Pipelife Sewer Pipe complies with table 7 of Irish Building Regulations Part H, 2010 - Drainage & Waste Water Disposal.  

Certified to Standard EN 1401. 

Sewer Soil Fitting Advantage


No possibility to displace the sealing ring.

Sewer Soil Fitting Advantage


Both for aggressive sewage and foul and storm water.

Sewer Soil Fitting Advantage


Resistant to temperatures up to 45°C for constant flow.

Sewer Soil Fitting Advantage


Pipelife fittings are very light and yet have high stiffness making them easy to transport and place, which speeds up assembling.

Sewer Soil Fitting Advantage


Long Lifetime, Smooth inner surface

Sewer Soil Fitting Advantages





Sewer Pipe Integral Socket


All Pipes are 6m length with integral socket at one end and plain end chamfered. 

Available in lengths of 110mm, 160mm, 244mm and 315mm.

Manufactured to EN 13476

PVC Red-brown socket pipe

Being your best partner is one of our key principles at Pipelife

At Pipelife, we do not settle for meeting minimum standards, we push the limits and exceed them wherever we can. Developing our materials and products further is our passion. 

It is in our DNA to offer added value and it is one of our goals to offer the best service in the market. This is why our solutions not only meet industry standards, they also bear national and international quality marks.

CERTIFIED stamp. Wooden round rubber stamper and stamp with text certified isolated on white background. 3d illustration

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