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Pipelife Eco Home Heating Solutions

Some nice work from Alan Watters Heating & Plumbing Ltd who recently installed a Hitachi Heat Pump & our Qual-Pex Plus+ 'Easy-Lay' Multilayer Pipe on a house extension. 
Also, because this is a retro-fit project the customer can claim €3500 grant from SEAI once works are completed & building up to standard.

The choices available to you to heat your home and provide you with hot water remain wide. Deciding on the right choice depends very much on your property type, your priorities and your personal preferences.

Pipelife Eco has been designing and supplying home heating solutions in Ireland for over 25 years. Many technological advances have been incorporated over that period and the solution we offer today represents the optimum modern home heating solution specifically designed for Irish climatic conditions.
For the very best results Pipelife ECO strongly recommends a solution using an Air to Water Heat Pump coupled with Underfloor heating. Underfloor Heating systems go hand in hand with heat pump installations.

An underfloor system heating circulates low temperature water. Most conventional heating systems circulate higher temperature water, usually between 50ºC to 80ºC whereas an underfloor heating system circulates water between 25ºC to 40ºC. An Air to Water heat pump is the most modern and efficient way of generating this low temperature supply of water. A heat pump is the most efficient way of heating your home and your domestic hot water requirements for Irish climate conditions.

An underfloor heating system coupled with an Air to water heat pump thus provides the best solution for heating your home giving you low running costs, maximum comfort and control, and low CO2 emissions. In many cases a combination of Underfloor heating downstairs and low temperature radiators upstairs also offers an excellent compromise between comfort and costs.

Our design engineers will advise at planning stage which of these options is best suited to your home. From our experience this arrangement gives the optimum result in terms of up-front costs, installation ease, running cost optimisation, maintenance and maximum control and comfort in your home.