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Qual-OIL Pipe

No Underground Joints | Eliminates Manhole Access Requirements

Qual-OIL is made from PEX material, making it flexible and easy to install. It is approved by OFTEC (OFCERT licance No. 2064099901).


  • Qual-Oil Pipe is made from PEX material, which makes it durable and yet flexible and easy to install.
  • No need to oversize your oil line as Qual-Oil is available in 10mm & 15mm.
  • Qual-Oil Pipe has many advantages over the traditionally used copper pipe, such as:
  • Qual-Oil Pipe is impervious to concrete 50m & 100m coils mean no buried joints
  • Qual-Oil is approved by OFTEC (OFCERT Licence No. 2064099901)
  • Aesthetically pleasing conifer green colour compatible with outdoor environment.
  • Qual-Oil Pipe can be stored in the open as it is UV stabilised
  • Qual-Oil Pipe is resistant to freeze bursting - the pipe is tested and rated down to -20ºC.
  • Qual-Oil Pipe has a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee subject to maximum service conditions of:
    • 10 Bar at 20ºC
    • 5 Bar at 50ºC
  • Qual-Oil Pipe is very competitively priced.


                    Coil Lengths


                            O/D mm              Length
                                10          50m & 100m
                                15          50m & 100m

                  Other Coil lengths are available on request.

                                   Copper Inserts
                                 10mm Copper Inserts
                                 15mm Copper Inserts


Use only with BS 864 Compression Fittings with Qual-PEX metric size copper inserts.

For more detail, please see additional information or contact your local merchant.

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Michael Geary

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Philip Duffy

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Pipelife Ireland green Qual-Oil oil pipes
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