PVC Pressure Pipe

PVC Pressure Pipe

Our Water Mains Pipe is manufactured by Pipelife for the water industry, designed principally for the transportation of potable water.

PVC Pressure Pipe Features: 

  • Our mains water pipes are made from lead-free materials and are environmentally friendly
  • 100% Irish Manufactured with a licence from NSAI (Licence no. 1.94.001)
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN12201
  • The jointing/sealing system is approved for contact with drinking water
  • Our mains water pipes are strong and tough
  • Manufactured in 7 pipe sizes: 63mm to 315mm and 3 pressure classes (10 bar, 12.5mm and 16 bar)
  • Manufactured in 6 metre effective lengths
  • All pipes are fitted with protective end caps on both sides
  • Every pipe has a label with jointing instructions
  • Fittings available – 90° / 45° / 22.5° / 11.25° bends, couplers and repair collars
Size   Bar Colour  Length
63mm 16 Bar  Blue  6M
90mm  12.5 Bar  Blue  6M
110mm  10 Bar  Blue  6M
110mm  12.5 Bar Blue  6M
110mm  16 Bar  Blue  6M
160mm  10 Bar  Blue  6M
160mm  12.5 Bar  Blue  6M
160mm  16 Bar  Blue  6M
200mm  10 Bar  Blue  6M
200mm  12.5 Bar   Blue  6M
250mm 10 Bar  Blue  6M
250mm  12.5 Bar  Blue  6M
315mm  10 Bar  Blue  6M


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