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Underfloor Heating

Single Room Extension Kits

The Single Room Extension system is perfectly suited to a single area extension up to 402. It is designed to link into an existing radiator heating system or alternatively it can be run as a separate system providing the benefits of an efficient and cost effective heating system. This type of heating system may be used in conjunction with any oil or gas fired boiler or even a  heat pump system.

The Single Room Extension Kit comprises:

     • Pre-assembled UFH Control Unit including thermostatic mixing

       valve, pump and service valves.

     • 15mm compression fittings to connect to existing pipework

     • A single programmable room thermostat (pre wired)

     • White plastic cover box

     • 15mm White Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe.

Three kits are available that cover up to 20m2, 30m2 and 40m2. All kits are supplier with an installers manual and an operating DVD.

Major Benefits

  • Comfortable, even temperature throughout
  • Efficient on fuel due to lower operating temperatures
  • Healthier environment with less dust being circulated
  • Safer - no hot panels of dangerous hard edges
  • No restrictions on interior design layout
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximum usable floor space
  • Excellent value for money

For more detail, please see additional information or contact your local merchant.

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