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Underfloor Heating

Full Design for areas over 40sqm

The first step in the design process is to forward a good quality set of drawings to Pipelife, either directly or via a plumbing contractor or your local builders merchant.


Our heating engineers will design a system to meet the client’s requirements by working in conjunction with them. By entering in the key factors to a specialist software package, our specialist engineers can determine the heat requirement for each room / zone to produce optimum comfort levels. From this software package a series of tables (including a detailed quotation per floor) are produced which outline specific design criteria used during the installation process.


Once the customer is happy with the quotation the materials can be purchased through your local merchant. When the materials are ordered our renewable department produce a pipe layout drawing for every individual project showing the configuration of each of the loops and the position of the manifold. Also included in this pipe layout drawing will be a table detailing the number of stats/actuators and the number of lengths of Rapid Rail to be used per zone.


Once the pipe layout drawing is complete a full design specification is produced detailing the design criteria and guidelines from the initial process of installing the pipe to the commissioning of the system and control layout. This design is always project specific and each is tailored to suit the client’s requirements. An installers’ manual is also supplied with the design specification to help answer any additional questions.

Heat Pump technology is the ideal heat source for underfloor heating due to the low operating temperature required. The design engineers at Pipelife can design a heating system that combines both Heat Pump technology and underfloor heating making the system 100% Irish.


  • To obtain a free quotation simply forward a good quality set of drawings to Pipelife, ideally via E-mail in CAD format, alternatively call the Design Office - contact.

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