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Heat Pumps

Site of application

An integral part in the design process is identifying the ideal solution relative to site geology.


In an open loop system the GSHP draws water from a well, lake and passes it through it's system once before discharging it. The water is discharged back to the river or lake, or injected to a second well.


The closed vertical loop uses a well (or borehole) with fluid in a pipe constantly circulating to and from well. If a borehole is used it is often filled with bentonite grout surrounding the pipe to provide a good thermal connection to the soil of rock.


The closed horizontal loop again circulates the same fluid but this time the pipe is laid flat, below the surface at a depth of approximately 1 meter.

Geostar Engineering's success is based on a dedicated commitment to quality and service. Our heat pumps combine the benefits of proven manufacturing methods with the skills of experienced craftsmen. We can tailor make our units to meet the individual requirements of any of our customers.