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Heat Pumps

Choosing the right system

The ideal Heat Pump will be determined by the Design Engineer relative to the geology and budget. A number of Pumps can be choosen such as listed below.

   The HT and S range are the most basic unit in the range, but still offers the GeoStar quality, performance and reliability. It is suitable for location in an adjacent garage or outdoors. It's simplistic controls are very popular with a lot of users and comes with dual set point and soft start as standard.

   The i and HTi range of units is the new generation of heat pump manufactured by GeoStar. It still carries the same performance and reliability as the S range. However this model comes with an advanced microprocessor controller and a new acoustically enhanced cabinet. The new controls offer many additional features such as Weather Compensation and Programmable Run Time.

   The D and HTD range are the most sophisticated of the ranges, offering all the features of it's sister i range, but with dual heat pumps and dual circuits in one cabinet. The unit has the ability to reduce it's heating output as the demand for heat reduces - thus saving further energy.