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Pipelife is Ireland’s leading manufacturer & provider of plastic piping systems. Specialising in the extrusion of polyethylene (PE) pipes QPL offers industry leading products for the heating & plumbing, water pressure, electricity, cable ducting, gas and agricultural sectors.


Drawing on over 45 years of manufacturing experience from our production plant in Cork, Pipelife has been to the forefront in developing innovative products, and has been an industry leader for many years. Quality and innovation continue to be the terms that define our philosophy and this is reflected in the range of products and systems that we
manufacture to this day.


Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe

Qual-PEX cross-linked polyethylene barrier pipe from Pipelife is truly a first in this generation of thermoplastic pipes – being the first PEX pipe ever to have been approved to the BS 7291 kitemark and also holding WRAS and Irish
Agrément Board approvals.


Ireland’s No. 1 Heating & Plumbing Pipe
Manufactured in Ireland
5 Layer EVOH Barrier
IAB & WRAS Certified,
BS7291:Class S specified, DIN 16892
50 year guarantee
Guaranteed & approved for all heating & plumbing systems
The ONLY PEX pipe system certified for use with:
• Tectite Fitting and
• Qual-Pex Crimp System
Often Copied - Never Equalled! 

Qual-Pex ECO

The Qual-Pex Eco Range of products has been designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of the heating and plumbing markets. 


A pre-insulated Qual-PEX Pipe to save time, money and
energy costs for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial
Available sizes of 1⁄2 “ & 3⁄4 “
Certified for use with Qual-Pex Crimp, Tectite and compression
Manufactured in Ireland.
50 Year guarantee.
Available through all leading merchants.


Qual-Pex Fittings

Make the Quality Connection with our range Qual-PEX Crimp & Tectite Fittings range. The result is an integrally strong, dependable plumbing system that gives both you and your customers peace of mind.

  • Irish Size Fittings
  • Save time and money
  • IAB Approved
  • Unique IAB system certified with Qual-PEX
  • 50 Year Guarantee
  • No blow torches, no solder, no heavy or expensive tools.
  • Easy installation
  • For use:
    • Mains feed
    • Pressurised plumbing systems
    • Open vented systems
    • Sealed Heating Systems
    • Hot & cold water systems

Renewable Department

Our Renewables Department was established incorporating all the best the Pipelife Group has to offer. We cover every aspect of underfloor heating and integrated renewables and deliver a fully designed, energy efficient systems to a range of Installers, Developers, Builders , Engineers & Architects.


We have a proven track record of 20 years service and commitment to the industry backed by exceptionally trained staff and a dedicated technical backup service. Combining all of these aspects results in an outstanding system, delivered in a professional andhighly skilled manner second to none!



In the area of utilities Pipelife Ireland manufactures Polyethylene pipe of varying strengths for the safe transportation of Gas, Water and Electrical Cabling.


Pipe Systems

For Water, Gas and Electricity Cables:

Flexible and light weight,
Excellent chemical resistance,
Ease of welding,
Smooth internal walls = excellent flow characteristics,
PE does not rot, rust, pit, corrode or lose wall thickness,
PE does not support the growth of nor is it affected by algae, bacteria or fungi.



Butt Fusion, 
Mechanical Jointing

Blue MDPE (PE80) 12 bar pipe: 

Manufactured and certified to EN12201 specification:
For service pipes for potable water and industrial uses.

Qual-GAS (PE80):

Manufactured and certified to EN1555 and GIS/PL2-2
Yellow - For Gas supply SDR Rating of 9 and 11 for working pressure of 5.5 bar

ESB Poly Red Duct:

Manufactured and certified to ESB specification no: 16113
for ESB cable


Through a partnership with the Pipelife group Pipelife can offer not only standard products but also a variety of specialist products for different usages.