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In Utilites, Quality Plastics includes the usages Water, Gas and Cable.

For the transport of potable water Quality Plastics offers solutions in the diameter range from 12 up to 2.000 mm in accordance with existing national standards in most European countries and the USA.

Quality Plastics is recognized as a leader of quality pipe systems and solutions can be supplied with the most prestigious quality marks. PE pipes are supplied in coils up to a diameter of 140 mm, but we can also supply in straight lengths of 6 and 12 meters. Next to the PE delivery program Quality Plastics offers complete PVC pipe systems (fittings) in the diameter range 12 mm up to and including 630 mm.

Quality Plastics is also a major supplier of polyethylene systems for gas distribution networks. In polyethylene (PE 80 and PE 100) Quality Plastics is recognized as a leading European manufacturer and supplies a wide range of pipes and fittings from 20 mm to 400 mm.

For Telecommunication and power cables, Quality Plastics produces a wide variety of protection pipes in PE.

In polyethylene Quality Plastics partner Pipelife is present on the dynamic market of fiber optic cable protection. Working closely with major telecommunication service providers, Pipelife has produced a range of fiber optic cable ducts for house connections and for major backbone loops. In particular ribbed and lubricated ducts for high speed injection by air pressure of fiber optic cable form part of the Pipelife range.


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Cable Protection

Quality Plastics supplies a range of Red Polyethylene Pipes for the purpose of Cable Protection. It is manufactures and approved to ESB Specification NO. 16113.


Under the Utilities category Quality Plastics Manufactures Qual-GAS for the Irish market. In partnership with Pipelife a number of unique products can also be supplied.

Water Pressure

Quality Plastics manufactures a large selection of Polyethylene Pipes to different standards for a variety of water pressure applications ranging from Domestic to Industrial.