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The Pipelife Group has a very strong commitment to the electrical market, and provides a full range of plastic pipes, fittings and accessories that form a very attractive and competitive package for electricians throughout Europe.

The product range consists of metal and plastic conduits for electrical installations as well as a full range of accessories for the installation and usage of these conduits, such as bends, couplers, and a line of fixing materials. Individual solutions are also provided to meet special requirements.

The growing range of Pipelife electrical systems serves the needs of electricians in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector and meets national and international standards and regulations. We offer a full range of electrical products in most of our local companies and on export markets.


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Cable Protection

Pipelife Ireland ltd supplies a range of Red Polyethylene Pipes for the purpose of Cable Protection. It is manufactures and approved to ESB Specification NO. 16113. Pipelife Ireland also supplies black cable ducting (12mm to 60mm) for over ground use only.  This ducting is manufactured from low density polyethylene and is approved to ESB Specification No. 16113