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The key requirement for the transportation of waste water as well as secure and tight pipe systems is to ensure the protection of the environment. For the transportation of surface water and domestic waste water, Pipelife offers several gravity pipe systems with both compact and structured wall pipes in PVC, PP and PE for the Irish/European market.

In polypropylene Pipelife have developed Pragma® OD and ID, a highly resistant double wall system, designed to meet the requirements of municipal sewage.

High performance pipes in PE for pressurized water produced in diameters from 110 up to 400mm which are provided with pressure resistance of up to PN25. Depending on the material used.


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Water Pressure

Pipelife Ireland Ltd manufactures a large selection of Polyethylene Pipes to different standards for a variety of water pressure applications ranging from Domestic to Industrial.



Under the Utilities category Pipelife Ireland manufactures Qual-GAS for the Irish and UK market. In partnership with Pipelife a number of unique products can also be supplied.


Cable Protection

The increasing Pipelife product range of electrical systems offered, serves the needs of electrical ducting in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.



Pipelife Ireland supplies a full range of sewage fittings to cover every requirement. Through its partnership with Pipelife a number of specialised products can also be supplied.