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Qual-PEX Plumbing System

Qual-PEX is suitable for use in hot and cold water distribution systems, underfloor heating systems and central heating systems that are operated continuously at temperatures up to 92°C at 3 bar pressure. Short-term overload temperatures up to 114°C are permissible. For cold water systems Qual-PEX is suitable for use up to 12 bar pressure. For hot water systems Qual-PEX is suitable for use up to 6 bar pressure.

Continuously Operated Re-Circulating Systems (Secondary Hot Water Circulation / Ringmain Installations)


A continuously operated re-circulating system is a water-replenished circulating system, which is maintained at a constant high temperature, to provide a continuous source of hot water. Continuously operated re-circulating systems are used to distribute constant hot water to draw off points that may be distant from the source, or hot water storage vessel. Continuously operated re-circulating systems are very different from conventional hot water supply and central heating systems found in domestic properties, for which our products have been tested to, under either BS7291 Class S or WRAS approval standards, and for this reason Pipelife products must not be used on any continuously operated re-circulating systems as they are not approved under the current version of these standards. The exception would be those systems which have been designed for domestic situations with intermittent temperature of less than a maximum of 65°C. This is in accordance with BS7291.


To summarize, a continuously operated re-circulating system is a hot water supply system which provides hot water to outlets, and incorporates all three of the following:


• Is maintained at a temperature above 60°C,

• Is replenished with an incoming water supply, to replace the water drawn to outlets,

• Is a pumped, circulating system.


Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe

Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe is available in a variety of coil lengths and straight lengths. It is manufactured in 1", 1/2" and 3/4" and is BSI Kitemark approved.

Qual-PEX Push-Fit Fittings

Qual-PEX Push-Fit Fittings enables the user to install systems faster, easier and at lower cost. A large variety of fittings is available for all application. Independant tests show installtion time savings of up to 40%.

Tectite Fittings

Tectite fittings simply push together in seconds to create a perfect joint. No blow torches, no solder, no heavy or expensive tools. Ideal for both copper and plastic.


Qual-PEX is a cross-linked high density poiyethylene. Cross-linking is a widely employed method of forging permanent links between polymer chains to form an interwoven three dimensional lattice within the pipe wall. This greatly reduces the ability of polymer to creep with time and allows the burst resistance of Qual-PEX to be maintained almost indefiinitely at high temperatures. The cross linking process is irreversible and is not lessened by continuous exposure to hot water.

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