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Pipe-in-Pipe Plumbing System

Designed for installing within the thermal envelope of the building

Easy to retract the pipe from the ducting if the pipe gets damaged during construction or over the lifetime of the pipe. 




Qual-PEX Pipe-in-Pipe

The Qual-PEX Pipe-in-Pipe System makes use of an outer protective conduit pipe into which, the Qual-PEX plumbing/heating pipe is pre installed. It is manufactured in both 50m and 100m coils.

Elite Plumbing System

The Elite Plumbing System provides the installer with a full range of manifolds and ancillary fittings which combine with flexible Qual-PEX barrier pipe making it fast and easy to install.

Installation Overview:

The Pipe-in-Pipe system should be installed in such a way that the inner pipe can be easily replaced inside the corrugated conduit without breaking the structure. For reasons of replacement, it is necessary, when bending the piping, to take into account a minimum bending radius for Pipe-in-Pipe Systems, (R)

                    R= 8 x Conduit diameter
                    Conduit diameter 1/2"(15mm) = 200mm
                    Conduit diameter 3/4"(22mm) = 250mm

To facilitate ease of replacement, it is recommended that bends of 90 degrees - corresponding to minimum bending radius (R) - should total four at most in each connecting pipe, and the maximum length of the connecting pipe should be 15 meters. Also the conduit must be supported at both sides of the bends (when fitting in a ceiling void) to make it immobile at these points.

For further installation instructions and to see how it combines with the Pipelife Ireland Elite Plumbing System please see additional information or contact your local merchant.

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