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Alu-PEX Plumbing System

The Alu-PEX Plumbing System can be used for a variety of applications from UFH to the supply of potable water.

Alu-PEX Pipe

Alu-PEX pipe is compliant with product technical standard UNI 10954-1 (plastic-metal multi-layer pipe systems for hot and cold water), in accordance with class 1 (field of application: domestic hot water) or the same standard.

Alu-PEX Fittings

A extensive range of specifically designed Brass body fittings to cater for all applications is also supplies. Manufactured in accordance with UNI EN 12165 CW617N / UNI EN 12164.


Alu-PEX pipe is produced by construction on the inside two layers of polyethylene and continuing the mesh process. This combines the advantages of metal (dimensional stability, high resistance to temperature and pressure) with those of plastic (easy working, good chemical inertia). The quality of materials used allow the Alu-PEX pipe to achieve the highest performance levels.The following layers make Alu-PEX.

                    1.    Internal pipe in mesh polyethylene PEX
                    2.    Adhesive connection layer
                    3.    Aluminium pipe (minimum thickness 0.2mm)
                    4.    Adhesive connection layer
                    5.    External pipe in mesh polyethylene PEX

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