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Design Department

Pipelife has a team of design engineers ready to assist in the design, sale and installation of a variety of water/energy efficient systems, saving its customers money whilst also protecting the environment.


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Elite Plumbing Design

The Elite Plumbing System provides the installer with a full range of manifolds and ancillary fittings which combine with flexible Qual-PEX barrier pipe making it fast and easy to install.


Underfloor Heating Design

Pipelife has been designing and supplying Underfloor Heating for over fifteen years and has a wealth of experience which has been applied to over 10,000 projects throughout Ireland and the UK.


Heat Pump Design

Pipelife works in conjunction with Hitachi to provide an extensive range of Air to Water Heat Pumps.


Rain Water Harvesting Design

With the introduction of water charges in the commercial sector and the predicted introduction in the domestic sector, Pipelife offers a range of products+design to help minimise water charges.