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The Elite-PLUMB System provides the installer with a full range of manifolds and ancillary fittings and flexible Qual-PEX barrier pipe in both metric (10/12/15/22/28mm) and imperial (Irish 1/2", 3/4", 1") diameters at very competitive prices.


Chrome Plain Manifold

Plain Manifolds suitable for plumbing or heating applications. Male/Female BSP Header threads allow multiple Manifolds to be connected in series. Wall mounted. Uni-pipe connectors must be used at outlets.

Chrome Valve Manifold

Valve Manifolds very similar to plain Manifolds but they have individual shut-off valves on the manifold outlets to isolate individual pipe runs. Supplied with adhesive labelling. Uni-pipe connectors must be used at outlets.

Radiator Distribution Manifold

Radiator Distribution Manifolds for heating systems where the supply and return run from the same side of the Manifold. Very useful for in-floor applications. Uni-pipe connectors must be used at outlets.

Ancillary Fittings

Over 60 ancillary fittings can be used with any of the manifold systems. Blanking Caps/Uni pipe Connectors/Manifold vents & valves/Uni-Ratiator valves/Wall boxes/Compression connections.


Professional installers demand modern plumbing systems that over come the shortcomings of traditional copper or push-fit systems to provide flexibility, leak prevention, speed and ease of installation, competive pricing, and a professional finish.

The Pipelife Elite-PLUMB system ticks all these boxes.

With Elite-PLUMB the installer can utilise plastic PEX pipes in a way they were designed to be used. Centralised distribution systems using flexible Qual-PEX barrier pipe offer a modern alternative approach to heating and plumbing installation systems. By choosing a centralised distribution system the contractor utilises thermoplastic pipes to its best advantage. The principle of this type of system is to locate all joints in a central location which is easily accessed for maintenance purposes thus eliminating all connections (potential leak points) below floors or concealed behind panelling.

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